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Here is a global comparison between chlorination (used alone) and ozonation.

As you can see, ozone is more efficient to kill micro-organisms than chlorine. Besides chlorine has more disinfecting by-products that are released in the water. These products may be responsible for health problems. Indeed, a lot of studies have shown these problems (asthma, chronic colds, respiratory problems, eye irritations, eczema…).

Concerning the cost of these two different water treatments, while the ozonation system is more expensive to set up, it is cheaper regarding to maintenance costs. Indeed, there is a constant demand of chemicals with a chlorination system and it may cost a lot.














So, whereas chlorination is still the most widely used method for swimming pool water treatment, health problems with chlorine by-products have been denounced.

Some improvements to limit the effects of these products have been made and they should be taken into account if a chlorination system is chosen for an indoor swimming pool.

Besides good ventilation is a need to remove these pollutants by diluting them.


Finally, ozonation will be a good alternative to the chlorination in the next years. More and more swimming pools are treated with ozone. There is no available data about health problems in swimming pools treated with ozone but researches are in progress.



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