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F First, during your enquiry about chemical indoor pollutants and indoor plants, you may hear about the "Green Solar Architecture". It is a building design concept developed in Germany, with plants as an integral part of the system. The plants are selected for shading and cooling through transpiration. Indeed, indoor temperature 2-3 degrees below outside air are achieved in summer by coordinating the interior planting, the mass of the building and air exchange through outside vents.  

Here are some photos of buildings built according to the "Green Solar Architecture" :


The Research Laboratory for Experimental Traumatology in Ulm in Germany (outdoor view and indoor garden)






The library and cultural center in Herten, Germany







For more information here are two links :




Pots plants reduced TVOC levels not only in air conditioned places but also in non-air conditioned ones. 



F The foliage for Clean Air Council recommends a minimum of 2 plants per 100 square feet of floor space in an average 8 to 10 foot ceilings.



Some sceptic say that potting soils can harbor molds that may become airborne and serve as an allergen. In fact, all the water used on houseplants either evaporates from the pot or transpires through the plant leaves raising humidity in the home. This increased humidity can contibute to increase mold growth elsewhere in the home as well as increased dust mite activity. But when I have interviewed French researchers (from the CSTB) they said me that specialists of plants do not agree with that statement : it is just only a question of water dosage !



F Sometimes it requires a huge number of plants to be effective in improving the air quality of the room. So, do not forget that indoor plants are a preventive solution for a better indoor air quality but not a currative one !





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